What size bins do you supply?

  • 2m3 is 1.8 metres long x 1.4 metres wide x .82 metres high
  • 4m3 is 2.4 metres long x 1.4 metres wide x 1.4 metres high
  • 6m3 is 3.6 metres long x 1.6 metres wide x 1.2 metres high
  • 10m3 is 4.2 metres long x 2.1 metres wide x 1.2 metres high
  • 15m3 is 5.4 metres long x 2.4 metres wide x 1.2 metres high
  • 25m3 is 5.4 metres long x 2.4 metres wide x 2.1 metres high

How long can I have the bin for?
Up to 4 full days. If need be, additional days can be arranged through our customer service staff pending on the availability of your bin for other jobs.

To what level can I fill up my bin?
Our Industry is guided by SA Compliance and Enforcement laws. These laws constitute that No loads must exceed the top rim of any bin. The use of large walk in bins must not exceed the 10 tons weight limit. Breaches of unsafe loads and over weighted bins constitute heavy penalties not only to the carter but also the person(s) loading the container.

What can I place in the bin?
All internal and external household general items can be placed in the bin with the exception of asbestos, hazardous and toxic chemicals, liquid waste of all types etc. Tyres are accepted with additional charges. If unsure on any items please contact our staff for confirmation.

How do I book a Bin through All Bulk Waste?
Ring our customer service personnel on 83828618 for an attractive price and availability on the bin of your desire OR send us a message on the Email Enquiries system for a prompt response.

What are my Payment Options?
We can collect payment on delivery of the bin. You can also pre-pay by credit card or electronic transfer when placing your order. As another option you may visit our facility where we accept cash, credit card, eftpos or money order. American Express and Diners are not accepted.

What if I have any other queries?
Contact our friendly customer service team on 83828618.